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Mars Or Die! mixes roguelite with tower defense with a sarcastic twist that makes you follow the pretentious militaristic orders of the Supreme Leader while defending your base. It is a strategic game of tactical planning, execution and reflexes, designed to afford exploration and multiple-base building, while resisting hordes of increasingly big red Martians.

My Role

I worked on the soundtrack, trailer music and part of the sound design and UE4 audio implementation.



The soundtrack of Mars Or Die! mimicks what sounds like a classic dictatorial regime music, alternated with funny comedy-style flute trills and violin pizzicato. If you listen closely you can hear an oboe playing the italian nursery rhyme Madama Dorè. I designed an adaptive music system in UE4 linking it to game phases and mixing it to make seamless transitions.

Sound Design

I worked on the audio of Mars Or Die! with Lead Sound Designer Paolo Armao, creating retro-futuristic sound effects and coding in UE4 blueprint the systems to integrate them in game.

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