I like to experiment a lot and juxtapose elements of opposite nature, trying to blend them to get a totally new instrument. Mixing orchestral instruments with hybrid sounds, textures and distorted synths, or processed flutes that sound like a gentle cry in the night, is what drives me when I compose. I prefer to work closely with performers and push them to express their inner creative power to its fullest. I strongly believe that the composer should often take a step back and let the performer be in charge for a moment; I always ended up with amazing outcomes when I did so.

My soundtracks have been featured in video games, films, trailers, commercials and performed in concert halls too. Below you can find some examples with the roaring guitar of Daniel Giagnorio fighting a battle with the orchestra.

Scoring For Orchestra

One of the things I like the most is working with orchestras. They are a being with the power of almost a hundred of enlighted, unconventional, nonconformist, quirky minds, sometimes more! Like Chick Corea said: “The sound of the orchestra is one of the most magnificent musical sounds that has ever existed”. Check out the Sheet Music section to find some of my recent works.

Orchestra and Guitar Soundtrack
Video Game Sheet Music Score
Orchestra Rehearsals

Trailer Music

I worked on custom trailer music for several games and films. In 2014 I and Wavemotion Recordings started a project called Red Noise Industries, where we released tracks under pseudonym. Our music was used in videogames and commercials.

Video Game Soundtracks

Here you can listen to some of the released soundtracks I worked on. The OST of Redout Vol. 1 & 2 and Hyperdrive Massacre were published by The Orchard.