Sound Design

When I work I often aim to unify the worlds of sound and music, delivering a cohesive experience. This means that I record sound effects, program synths, code audio systems in engine, work with middlewares and spend most of the time iterating these tasks, but always with the full picture in mind. Below you can find my sound design showreel.

Game Audio

My principal area of expertise is sound design for video games, which means creating the sound effects to give the game a strong audio identity and uniqueness. I work closely with the team of game designers and programmers through the Scrum agile framework to create a proper audio pipeline and a fitting audio experience for the game. I record, create and manipulate sound effects working in my DAW and I implement real time audio systems using middlewares such as Wwise and FMOD. I also design the audio manager in C# or blueprint, creating the methods that describe the behavior of the audio systems and integrate them in the game engine. Organizing the workflow, documentation and the asset list are some of the other tasks of a sound designer, along with creating an official game sound library and audio bible.


Sound For Animation

I worked as a sound designer on animated short films, trailers and cinematics, both on small projects and as part of a team on bigger ones. I also worked on delivering high quality sound design for internal presentation videos of several brands and companies.

At ZerodB Studios, the facility used for recording and mixing, with Paolo Armao.

At ZerodB Studios, the facility used for recording and mixing, with Paolo Armao.

Sound For Trailers

I design custom sound effects for trailers and commercials and edit them to work effectively with the background music.