I contributed to the organization of Other Worlds – Music For The Players in Genoa, a concert born by the joint partnership of the University of Genova, the Carlo Felice Theatre and the N. Paganini Conservatory. The concert was a tribute to video game soundtracks, from Final Fantasy to Skyrim, with two of my cues from the soundtrack of Redout. The Carlo Felice Theatre orchestra, was conducted by Daniel Smith and accompained by the roaring guitar of Daniel Giagnorio. The concert was sold out with a long standby line in the lobby of the Theatre and at the end, there was a standing ovation for the orchestra and the conductor.

My Role

I was contacted by the event manager to help define the program, find already existing materials and arrange music. I arranged and orchestrated tracks from several games (you can access the sheet music HERE), prepared parts, helped with the organization of rehearsals, with the soundcheck and with the communications between the conductor, the technicians and the typography unit.

Daniel Smith conducting the orchestra.

Daniel Smith conducting the orchestra.

Media coverage of the concert with my interview (AUDIO IN ITALIAN).